General questions


How much does it cost to participate in the Horizons Career Fair?
Participation in the Horizons Career Fair is free of charge.
I am a participant of the Horizons Symposium. Do I need to register for the Horizons Career Fair?
Yes, please register for the Horizons Career Fair via our registration form. 
When does the Career Fair take place?
The Career Fair takes place on the opening day of the Horizons symposium.

What does the Career Fair offer in addition to the Horizons Symposium?
The Career Fair commences with a talk addressing the future of molecular life sciences. The event continues with thought-provoking lectures on career paths alternative to science, which run in parallel to a number of workshops tailored to the needs of graduate students.




How do I sign up for workshops?
Register for the Career Fair and select the workshops of your choice when completing the form.
How much do the workshops cost?
Participation in the workshops is free of charge, as is every event of the Career Fair.

How do you decide who participates in a workshop?
The decision is made strictly on a "first-come, first-served" basis. We take as reference the time you registered for the Career Fair.
I have not been accepted for a workshop. Are there waiting lists?
Yes. You will find out about your position on the waiting list on the day of the event.
How do I cancel my participation in a workshop?
If you can't attend a workshop you registered for, please send an email (stating your name and workshop) to careerfair.horizons@mpibpc.mpg.de as soon as possible.

I want to help!
That's great news! Helping hands are always needed! Send an email to careerfair.horizons@mpibpc.mpg.de and we will tell you how you can help.