In the workshop, we will explain about the opportunities for scientists with McKinsey, about how we work and serve our clients and about our "Building Global Leaders" concept, which will give you a good impression about what joining McKinsey can mean four you and your career.

Building- While working as a consultant for McKinsey, you will receive all the support to develop and strengthen your leadership skills, including a multitude of high-quality training courses and individual coaching.

Global- The size, the global scope and the variety of topics you will find at McKinsey provides you the opportunity to work on the themes that are most relevant to you, nearly everywhere on the globe (in line with what we call "Build your own McKinsey").

Leaders- McKinsey is one of the most influential institutions worldwide. Our opinion is valued both by companies and by organizations of the public and social sectors. Our alumni have either transitioned to leadership positions themselves or continue to live entrepreneurship through founding start-ups.